4 Must-Have Skills For Developers

4 Must-Have Skills For Developers

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There are so many moving parts involved in designing, developing, and deploying a robust software application. For things to fit in properly, there has to be a form of cohesion between the different parts. You are part of this system and can't afford to work in isolation. In the days of remote work and evolving workplaces, certain skills are essential for success.

In this article, I have outlined four Essential Skills you need to excel at your work as a developer. If you are a beginner, it is important you cultivate these skills.

  1. Effective Use of Version Control Tools: Learning how to use a version control system is Important. And is likely to be one of the requirements by potential employers. The most popular version control systems include GitHub, GitBucket, Mercurial, etc. However, the most widely adopted system is GitHub. Learn and practice the necessary git commands regularly. Perhaps, you may want to be pushing your codes from the start to your GitHub repository.

  2. Logical Thinking: You will be required to solve complex problems through your algorithm. This is a daunting feat to accomplish by those just getting started. One way to overcome this hurdle is by constant practice. There are some algorithm-practicing platforms you can use for free. These include Code Wars, HackerRank, etc.

  3. Communication: Believe me, you seriously need to upskill on the use of modern communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Zooms, etc. besides that, you need to be good at interacting with other humans. Be someone likable. It is not all about you churning out codes. That is important. but more important is your ability to communicate with your team.

  4. Curiosity: Technology is always evolving. Always try as much as possible to be up to date with your chosen stack, at least, to a reasonable extent. Continuously improving your skills is one way you can remain relevant and valuable.

There are many other skills that may add enormous value to you as a developer. But I consider the ones outlined in this article as must-haves.

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